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What Precautions Do I Take Against COVID?


I have been fully vaccinated since March against the virus.  Before each lesson I change into a clean suit, and use a new towel.  Before and after each lesson I hand sanitize.  At the conclusion of each lesson I fully submerge into the chlorinated water which kills the virus according to the CDC.  I have used these same precautions since the height of the pandemic including the 2020 season with ZERO issues!


At What Age Should My Children Begin Swim Instruction? 


You can begin swimming lessons at any age.  Children can begin to learn before the age of one!  If an older sibling is also swimming we can piggyback onto the lesson for 15 minutes to begin.  The goal initially is to make the water a fun and safe place for our newest swimmers.  To this end, I spend a lot of time teaching a new swimmer how to kick properly, streamline and glide, how to return to the safety of the wall if they fall into the water, and playing games that make the water enjoyable!


What Is The Ideal Swim Temperature?


Please be sure that your heat comes on early enough to ensure the pool temp is comfortable for your swimmer(s).

  • On a hot, sunny 90 degree day, or if your swimmer is doing swim-team style workouts, 82 is a good temp.

  • Sunny and mid 80s a good temp is 84-86

  • Overcast, cooler days, or if your pool gets a lot of shade, 86 is ideal.


If a child is miserable and shivering during lessons, they are focusing on how cold they are and not on the lesson.


I am NOT about making swim lessons a cold water endurance test.


'Course I wear a wetsuit, so I'll always be toasty :)


Does My Child Need Equipment?


Each swimmer should have the following;

  • A good pair of goggles.  I recommend those made by Aqua Sphere. For fit, simply place the goggle on your eyes and press WITHOUT pulling the strap over your head.  If they stick, they are good to go.

  • “Noodles” (2) for our younger swimmers just learning how to kick



  • A kickboard for older more experienced swimmers.

  • A swim cap for those with long hair…..hard to breathe with one's hair in one’s mouth!

  • Not necessary, but nice….is a shorty wetsuit if we are having ocean lessons (Keeps them warm, and prevents sunburn and jellyfish stings!!).  Wetsuits should be TIGHT!!! (A wetsuit functions by trapping water between the body and the wetsuit.  That water is then heated via body temperature.  A loose suit just allows cold water to continually circulate.)


Any Other Questions?  Please Contact Me!!

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