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2024 Rates



Pool Lessons
$125/Half Hour
$160/45 minutes
Ocean Lessons $150/30 minutes
Pool lessons are one on one. Should you have company/guests I will teach small groups at the half hour rate plus $50 for each additional swimmer.
All ocean lessons are reserved for current swimmers who have demonstrated an ability to swim and are one on one, myself and one student at a time, no exceptions. 
Appointment cancellations must be 24 hours’ notice or you will be charged for the lesson, again, no exceptions.
Payment is due at the end of that days' lesson, unless we have made other arrangements.  Due to recent changes to the tax code, payment must be made by cash or check.

Weekends and weekdays after 3:00 PM (after camp) are the times most requested. I wish I could accommodate everyone, but there are only so many hours in the day. These times will therefore be booked at a 1 hour minimum. Once you book a day/time and I set the schedule, your times/days cannot be moved. I have certain days of the week when I’m in Southampton, and other days in East Hampton. I currently have around 18 families I teach, with around 35 children. If you desire more time, the time to book is now, not mid-summer, as I will be booked.


Just out for the week?  Feel free to contact me to see what times I have available!

Hamptons Swim Lessons & Instruction
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