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Services Offered

Very simply I offer swimming instruction for all ages and ability levels. 

My youngest swimmer to date has been 12 months, my oldest swimmer has been 76.  (No, that is not a typo!)


Children’s Lessons


I follow the Red Cross course of swimming instruction when teaching beginners.  We begin with proper body position and kicking, and then progress through the major strokes.   I teach freestyle (crawl) first, followed by breaststroke, backstroke, and lastly butterfly.  Along the way we incorporate sidestroke, flip turns, and diving.  Diving requires a pool depth of at least 8 feet, and emphasizes racing dives.  I do not teach dives which require flips.


Swim Team Level Instruction


I have taught competitive swimming for over 25 years.  I have had a number of clients from swim teams around the northeast, including age-group swimmers from Asphalt Green.   We focus on proper technique and building speed.  Each swimmer will receive an individualized workout depending upon his/her goals, strength/weaknesses, and fitness level.  If you want to be fast in the winter, prepare in the summer!


Adult Instruction/Fitness Swimming


I receive frequent requests for adult swim instruction.  Adults make up approximately 40% of my clientele.  Most adult beginners are trying to overcome a fear of the water or never learned proper technique, or how to breathe.  We can fix all these issues.  For more advanced swimmers, I provide workouts based upon ability and fitness level.  I can either coach you while standing on the deck or if you need someone to pace you, I’m more than willing to swim with you.


Ocean Lessons


Long Island is surrounded by water!  Not exactly earth shattering news, but many of you inquire about ocean lessons for your children.  I enjoy getting away from the pool and enjoying the ocean.  I introduce beginners to safety in the ocean, reading waves, and what to do in the event of rip currents/tides.  We can also do longer distance swims, boogie boarding, or surfing.  Naturally ocean lessons require a certain level of swimming proficiency, as well as cooperation by Mother Nature.  Safety is always first!!


Triathlon Training


I train for the Half-Ironman distance.  Focus here is on proper technique in the pool, and then open water swims where we focus on sighting using land marks, drafting, and bilateral breathing.  Out of the water I enjoy long rides to the lighthouse and any of my clients are free to join me at any time.  For those who have asked, my training bike is a Felt B2.




Having a party or get together?  I do offer lifeguarding at a rate discounted over my swim lesson rates.  Contact me for information and availability.

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